March 2015

Warrior Three Variation: Tips from Hattie Bluestone

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Start your day with some yoga tips from Hattie! In this video, Hattie demonstrates a playful variation of warrior three.[embed width="800" height="400"][/embed]For more tips from Hattie, come join one of her yoga classes at YoLA! She teaches Level 1&2 Vinyasa every Saturday at 1:30pm...

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yola post chair yoga with cheryl

Chair Yoga with Cheryl Acheson

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Chair Yoga with Cheryl Acheson Chair yoga is perfect for people who cannot get on the floor for whatever reason (sitting on an airplane, crowded office environment, recovering from injury, Seniors etc). Chair Yoga is also perfect for those who find transitioning from sitting to standing to...

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yola post great on the go snacks

Great On-the-Go Snacks

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Let’s face it, we love to snack! Snacking smart throughout the day is a great way to curb hunger between meals at home, in the office or just out on the go. For a healthy lifestyle, it is essential to choose the right snacks that...

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Prenatal Partner Yoga Workshop with Doris Palmer

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Prepare for the Journey of Childbirth in a Prenatal Partner Yoga Workshop with Doris Palmer This workshop is for expectant mothers and a partner to engage in a supportive and physical practice. Doris will introduce partner yoga poses, and massage techniques, as well as invovle active stretching...

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