Hatha is a traditional practice joining the Sun-Moon (Ha-Tha) aspects of life through movement and breath. The asanas (poses) are held and the student learns to balance force and relaxation to promote health in body and mind.


Vinyasa emphasizes smooth and flowing transitions between poses. Such transitions help to control the breath in the practice and develop balance.

Restorative Yoga

The goal of restorative yoga is guide the student into a healing and rejuvenating state through the use of asanas, meditative relaxation, sound and breath. Props, music and the teacher’s guidance help to restore natural balance in the body and mind.


Yin Yoga emphasizes proper alignment and extended holding of poses. The focus is on ligaments more than musculature and sustained deep stretches provide neurological and emotional benefits as well long term health.

Iyengar Flow

Iyengar “flow” is taught by Karen McCavitt who has trained with some of the best Iyengar instructors in the world and is a senior teacher herself. Grounded in proper alignment and a deep understanding of the Iyengar practice, Karen offers you all the detail and knowledge in a warm and forgiving environment.

Morning Hatha

A traditional Hatha class tailored to give students a gentle boost in the morning. Floor poses to aid with extension, sun salutations for breath and heart and backbends to jump-start the immune system become a yogi’s morning brew.

Beginners Yoga

For beginners we offer a gentler class emphasizing clear and accessible explanations of the poses, injury prevention and advice for developing a personalized practice.

Vibration & Movement

Mindful movements developing from the inside out for full range of body motions. These internal exercises employ natural movements that use the whole body and have wide applicability to physical activities that require strength, power, and endurance.

Yogasana Sadhana

Sadhana means to practice something in this case yoga as a discipline, in order to learn from it, and make it a regular life habit. Students will learn how asanas step by step evolve for the betterment of one pose or sequentially toward more challenging and involved poses. Students will explore and study the anatomy and physical benefits of asanas, awareness of movements of the organs and the breath.

Morning Flow

Start your day with this challenging but not overwhelming yoga practice. A typical class includes a brief breathing exercise, followed by stretches to warm up then align your bodies to move safely and gracefully through poses, synchronize the breath with progressive series of postures from standing flow series to deep twists, back bends, approach arms balances and inversions, cool down with hip openers, floor stretches and a deep relaxation.

Strong Flow

A multi-level strength based practice beginning with an easy warm up, sun salutations, and a series of poses including balances and inversions, designed to work the body to the core, helping to loosen the joints, and get the blood flowing. There will always be modifications, so you can work at the level best suited for you a joyful stimulating experience. Good for all Levels.

Yoga for Healthy Back

This class is designed for all students of all levels. Lengthening and Strengthening the back muscles helps those with a back issue, a stiff back, shoulders, neck or legs, students with scoliosis or other deviations of the spine and those who want to become more aware of the back muscles; knowing which muscles to use for walking, sitting, laying down etc.on and off the mat is helpful for everyone with or without a back issue. Proper ALIGNMENT and creating SPACE through proper alignment is a major key in your practice.